Weapons Mint ✅
  • Cryptowalkers NFT weapons to equip your Walker in our upcoming P2E game.
  • 1 FREE OG weapon to any wallet holding at least 1 Cryptowalker.
  • Weapon sale offered to any wallet holding at least 1 Cryptowalker or any of our partner projects NFTs. More info here:

NFT Partnership | Bored Box
  • Gaming NFT partnership with in-game utility as part of our collaboration with renowned GameFi thought-leader and influencer, Bored Elon.

Private Investment Round
  • Raising venture capital from high-caliber entities/partners in the NFT & GameFi space to accelerate at scale and position ourselves as a global juggernaut in the P2E Gaming & Web 3 Space.
OVR Integration
  • Integration with OVR, - one of the leading Augmented Reality apps in blockchain.

Leading AR Integration & Partnership | Jadu
  • Cryptowalkers integration into one of the most anticipated AR platforms in the space: The Jadu Mirrorverse.

NFT Giveaways & Raffles
  • In-game utility NFTs raffled to random users with the Zombie or Mutant role in Discord.
Staking Program
  • Launch of the staking program which will consist of a NFT store where users can redeem points for NFTs and other items.

Media & PR Launch
  • Working with an award-winning PR agency to strategically launch the Cryptowalkers brand, narrative, our investment round, and AAA team appointments into Tier 1 Media.

Walker World & Cryptowalkers Gameplay Leaks
  • Leaks from Cryptowalkers Battleground and Walker World.

Female Collection Launch
  • 6545 Female Walkers. 1 free mint for every 3 Walkers in your wallet.
Walker World: Land Sale
  • Adventure-rich Open Metaverse being built in Unreal Engine 5. More info soon.

$WALK token
  • TGE and public sale of our token $WALK.

Netvrk Land Launch: “Walker City”
  • Timing depends on Netvrk Metaverse launch.

Cryptowalkers Store
  • Buy/trade in-game utilities and 3D assets to build out your Walker identity.

NFT Mint
  • NFT collection to be minted with in-game utility.
Walker World: Pre-Alpha
  • Early Pre-Alpha access with some gameplay functionality and token rewards integration.
P2E Game Soft Launch
  • Releasing in specific locations before taking it to a global market in order to receive and gather feedback for gameplay balancing and bug fixing. Official game launch to follow.


The team

At Walker Labs, we are creating a 3rd person shooter and open world interoperable adventure game, powered by Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology. We are helping to shape a new industry by creating a game that players love and that we can be proud of. We want to set an example for how games are made in this space, and that means our highest priority is to create an amazing game experience, and then find innovative ways of sharing revenue among all participants in the ecosystem including players.

Daniel Branteström

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Daniel Branteström is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Walker Labs, and an early adopter of blockchain technology. An experienced entrepreneur passionate about bleeding-edge tech and innovations.

Kristian Frykstedt

Co-Founder & CCO

Kristian Frykstedt is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Walker Labs. A highly skilled graphic designer for more than 15 years and former founder of an ad agency in Stockholm. An avid gamer and outdoor enthusiast in his downtime.

Morten Juul

Head of Strategic Development

Morten has been an advisor to and founder/investor in 200+ tech startups & lawyer for 15+ years across many industries. Often seen talking about the NFTs & Metaverse.


Partner & 3D Creator

Filip was first located in Zurich but today lives and works in Stockholm where he grew up. As a 3D artist he has experience from TV commercials, TV shows, short films and print campaigns.


Director of Game Dev Strategy

  • Head of Frostbite (the game engine that was later the standard engine for all of EA)
  • Group COO DICE, DICE LA, Uprise, Criterion, Visceral, Jawbreakers studios
  • Battlefield Franchise head of development
  • Head of development roles for Midtown Madness III, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1


Senior Advisor, Metaverse Experiences

  • Executive Producer at Embark Studios
  • Creative Director, Producer and Designer at Electronic Arts
  • Lead Game Designer at Rovio
  • Multiplayer platform Product Manager at Terraplay Systems
  • Worked on games like ARC Raiders, Angry Birds 2, Mirror’s Edge and more


Creative Director

Michael has over 15 years of games experience working at world-class studios. He has stayed at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in senior/lead roles, and has helped teams to create new and exciting experiences for beloved franchises, including The Sims, Need For Speed, Mass Effect, and Avatar.

Dan Tonkin

Character Art Director

  • Co-Founder of IronMonkey Studios / EA Melbourne
  • Over 25 years in games development across all platforms
  • Has held several studio Art Director roles
  • Knowledge and expertise from pre-production design to asset creation and Technical art to run-time implementation for commercial games


Chief Marketing Officer

Shay is a first-generation Pakistani-American. At 16, she founded a Digital Marketing SEO company, Sock Monkey SEO, which would lead her to work with Technology Powerhouses Google, eBay. She combines her business savvy experiences with her passion for Web 3 to ultimately be a driving force in bringing brands to life.

Arshak Navasardyan

Technical Artist

Arshak is a 3D technical artist and rigger who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in programming. With 10+ years of experience in the field, and is very excited about 3D based NFTs.

Melinda Manunta

3D Clothes Designer

Melinda is the fashionista of the team designing beautiful creations for the upcoming female collection in Marvelous Designer and Blender.


3D Artist

Yauheni is an incredible and multi talented 3D designer. A detail and accuracy-oriented individual but just as good at abstract and stylised creations.


Sr. Environment Artist

Anthony is a versatile artist with a skill set encompassing traditional art, graphic design, photography and 3D.


Lore Master

Aaron is an LA-based content creator with a background in TV writing. The aliens tell him what to do.

Aidan Clewlow

Community Manager

Beginning his Web 3 journey in early 2020 with Crypto & NFT’s, Aidan has worked as a Project & Community Manager for notable projects in Web 3.

Paul Eijsermans

Smart Contract Developer

Paul is a full stack web3 developer creating safe and cost effective smart contracts and minting solutions.


Game developer

Chris is a game developer whose focus is on gameplay mechanics. He turns coffee into exhilarating gameplay experiences.


Level Designer

Konan is a game designer specialized in level design and user experience design. He Has experienced creating third person shooter and open world game levels.


3D Artist

Javier is a 3D artist and rigger, with strong skills in both stylised and realistic design.


Web developer

Konstantin is a passionate web developer since 2010. He builds flexible, fast working and highly customizable responsive web solutions, which work well on all devices.