Mint Date




Walker World: Women are 6545 animated and fully game-rigged 3D characters ready for the Metaverse. These unique Walker avatars can explore the environments of Web3, Augmented Reality and the upcoming Walker World, a massive, open-world, third-person shooter created on Unreal Engine 5 – and spearheaded by a team of industry veterans from AAA game developers, including EA, DICE, Ubisoft, Rovio and Weta Workshop.

3 Walkers

Mint 1 Free

For every 3rd Cryptowalker in your wallet, you are granted 1 free mint. Ex: 9 Walkers in wallet = 3 free mints.


Mint 2

Every wallet with a Partner NFT is eligible to mint 2 Walkers.

CW holder

Mint 3

Every wallet that owns at least 1 Walker is eligible to mint 3 Walkers.

zombie holder

Mint 4

If you have a Zombie Discord role, you are eligible to mint 4 Walkers.

Mutant Role

Mint 5

If you have a Mutant Discord role, you are eligible to mint 5 Walkers.

Zombie arm

Mint Zombie Female

Holding a Walker with a zombie arm trait guarantees you that one of your mints will be a female zombie.

SQUAD Holders

In order for you to join the exclusive company of Walker World SQUAD holders you need to own 3 Genesis Walkers, 3 WW Weapons and 3 Walker Women.

Free land for all Squad Holders

For this small group of community members who will be able to join, we’ll have something very special in store, including an exclusive Discord role, a FREE land plot in Walker World and last but not least a specially designed Hover Vehicle for you to fly across Walker World as only Squad holders will be able to.

Walker World land sale scheduled for Q2 of 2023.

Partner traits

Out of the 6545 females there will be a number of partner traits that promise you everything from ASM Gen 1 brains to IRL real clothes.

A super special collaboration with Altered State Machine, each Superheroine will receive a FREE ASM Gen II Brain. 5 Gold ones will receive a FREE ASM Genesis Brain. This collaboration will follow in-game and have further utility.

Iconic art collection started by artist and renowned rollerblader, Arlo Eisenberg, has a thriving merchandise arm to their collection. Each Walker with a DRx onesie will receive the exact same IRL onesie.

Decentralized communications for the Metaverse and our favorite robot friends, we’re excited that there will be a few Walker Women that will receive the accompanying Seeker in their background for FREE.

ATEM Car Club is re-inventing the car experience. Each Walker wearing at least one ATEM trait will receive a FREE special Cryptowalkers car from their upcoming car collection.

Holders of the Walker Women Arcade trait will be able to unlock assets in the Arcade platform for holders to use. This could be access to both Walker World and other NFT assets.

The Death walkers

Death skull hover cars

Some Walker Women are so bad to the bone that they’re not simply jumping into any hover car. All  Death tattoo holders will be provided a limited special edition “Death Skull” skinned hover car. Death tattoo chicks don’t just walk the walk, they ride the ride!