Character Animator (Unreal Engine 5)


At Walker Labs, we are looking for a Character Animator to help craft Walker World, a vast interoperable and innovative game experience — where exploration, competition, ownership and community-driven gameplay takes place. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology, this is an exciting opportunity to join our team to shape a new industry — by creating a game that players love and that we can be proud of. We want to set an example for how games are made in this space, and that means our highest priority is to create an amazing game experience where players come together to have fun first and foremost — and then find innovative and fair ways of sharing revenue among all participants in the ecosystem — including our players.

About the role

We are looking to hire our first Animator to join our humble start-up team. We have an ambitious yet realistic project ahead of us — and we need more exciting walking, running, jumping, climbing, flying, shooting, and social interaction anims than you can swing a bat at! This is a critical role for us to achieve our most important game design pillar; interoperability — which will enable new and exciting cross-world and cross-game experiences for players to enjoy their content throughout an Open Metaverse. We are well aware that this role will involve many unique and technical challenges that are not typically found in traditional game development. We need a Technical Animator who is innovative, solutions focused and has a keen interest in solving unique challenges that come with animating interoperable characters, accessories, and other content across a wide variety of realistic and stylised IP.

If you are looking for something creatively challenging, fast-paced, and allows you to have a lot of creative ownership within a small team, then this opportunity to create a new gaming experience might be just for you!

We would love if you have

  • Experience working on shipped games from start to finish
  • A great eye for creating both realistic and charmingly stylistic character animations
  • Interest in being hands-on and having ownership of animation and rigging within our team
  • Technical understanding of the requirements to integrate characters from external IP
  • Experience optimizing characters rigs/anims to be supported for multiple cross-platforms
  • A willingness to learn & explore technologies that improve animation quality & productivity
  • The ability to advise on methodologies, risks, scope and project needs for animations
  • Confidence with identifying opportunities and effective solutions for rigging and animating
  • Experience setting up pipelines for importing/exporting characters in Unreal Engine
  • The ability to be self-directed in the planning and creation process of animations
  • Strong english communication skills and can be proactive within a collaborative team

At Walker Labs, we put value in our team. We offer very competitive salaries, encourage collaboration and entrust our employees with creative agency and ownership. We also pride ourselves in having a healthy work-life balance, and offer flexibility with family commitments and other personal matters where possible. . We invite you to join our team to venture into the unknown to bring new and exciting experiences to gamers.

Walker Labs is committed to inclusion and diversity. We ensure we give equal opportunities to all of our employees and provide a safe workplace where everyone is valued and heard — without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or other characteristics.

Please apply with confidence to [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If this role doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for we would still love to hear from you and how you feel you can bring value to our team and project. Feel free to apply to us via an “Open Application.

Character Animator (Unreal Engine 5)

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