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All you need to know about Walker World Joining FutureScore!

As you know, we have partnered with Futureverse – a leader in revolutionary AI and metaverse technologies that enable open, scalable, and interoperable apps, games and experiences. Futureverse offers rewards based on a player’s FutureScore and starting very soon, Walker World assets will count towards your progress!

Walker World is a unique series of collectible characters with wild designs, styles, and an extensive range of mystery and intrigue in the lore built up around the project. These include the initial Genesis Walkers, Lost Walkers, Walker Women, as well as accessories, weapons, jetpacks, and vehicles! Currently, there are a total of 13,924 Walkers out there; each one fully realized in 3D, rigged, and ready to represent you in the metaverse! There are even Walkers that come with unique real-world counterpart rewards, and we’re bringing them all a brand new layer of utility for their owners by enabling them to affect your FutureScore.

In this blog post, you can read all about this exciting partnership, FuturePass, and FutureScore rewards.

What is FuturePass? 🔑

FuturePass is your key to the open metaverse. It safeguards your identity and data, stores collectibles, tokens, and memberships, manages permissions and builds status and rewards.

When you create a FuturePass, a smart contract, owned and controlled by you, is deployed to The Root Network. You are the only one with the ability to access, update and interact with your FuturePass. It makes it easy to update your account, swap wallets and devices with access, permission payments, and if need be, recover your account. It also provides access to the FutureScore engine and FutureScore Quests, acting as your portal to rewarding challenges and experiences.

What is FutureScore? ✨

In the Futureverse ecosystem, participation is not only encouraged but also rewarded through the gamified loyalty system, FutureScore. This innovative system evolves based on your ongoing interaction with The Root Network, experiences, and the collectibles you own.

Growing your FutureScore involves two components that make up your overall FutureScore: your Collectible Score and Engagement Score.

  • Collectible Score: This part of your FutureScore is influenced by the collectibles you acquire, trade, or exchange within the ecosystem. Your Collectible Score can increase over time with time held and as you expand your collection.
    Every Futureverse collectible you own adds to your FutureScore. The Walker World Collection now also contributes to your score. Each Walker, along with any Weapons and Jetpacks, enhances your score. While the score may vary by rarity, each item in the Walker World Collection independently rewards its owner with FutureScore. Walkers with multiple rare traits may score higher than others—it’s up to the community to discover how their Walkers perform within the Futureverse ecosystem.
  • Engagement Score: Your Engagement Score is tied to your participation in FutureScore Quests and other activities. By completing FutureScore Quests and remaining actively involved, you can boost this score and unlock greater rewards. Engagement Score can decay over time if your activity drops.
Walker World Future Score Live

How can you maximize the benefits of FutureScore?

Engage in FutureScore Quests, a series of interactive challenges designed to help engage and grow the community with ROOT rewards based on completion, with the reward multiplier determined by your FutureScore. The higher your score, the greater the potential rewards.

FutureScore Quests launch monthly and are available for a limited time. If you remain active and choose to participate, you will be rewarded.

How to get started?

To embark on your FutureScore Quest journey and start earning rewards, all you need is a FuturePass. Keep an eye out for live FutureScore Quests and dive into the interactive challenges awaiting you on The Root Network.

FutureScore unlocks exclusive benefits, in-game advantages, and even special rewards. So, don’t waste your time and go increase your FutureScore!

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