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The Third Kingdom Overview

Short Overview

Learn all about The Third Kingdom partnership! In this blog, we will bring you everything you need to know about the game, the gameplay, $ROOT rewards, and more.

The Third Kingdom is an upcoming strategy simulation game, powered by Futureverse. 

Surreal Scapes - Air Drop, Community Land, Land Parcels

The Game

The Third Kingdom will offer players exciting gameplay where they will be able to manage valuable resources like Mycelium, refine materials, discover new islands, create a production empire, and more. The game provides players with strategic resource management with satisfying progression mechanics to keep players engaged and excited for the next level.

In the game, you start with a plot of land known as SurrealScapes and you can develop your land by using land-harvesting devices called Prysms. Using Prysms, you can get resources such as Mycelium. Each SurrealScape is comprised of 1, 4, 9, or 16 land parcels and each of them will offer unique biomes rich with resources. The number of Prysms in Season 1 will be 135,000; with fewer premium Prysms in existence than can be placed on land slots in the SurrealScapes collection. Season 1 sale started on March 27th, find out more here.

When it comes to Walker World, SurrealScapes have been gifted exclusively to holders of eligible collections:

  • Mutants
  • Genesis Walkers
  • Squads Holders
  • Superheroines
  • Genesis Walkers: Zombies
  • The Lost Walkers
Surreal Scapes Airdrop Eligibility

The eligible holders will be also owners of other collections:

  • Fluf World 
  • Cool Cats 
  • Deadfellaz 
  • Pudgy Penguins 
  • and Doodles

ROOT Rewards

You will get a chance to win a share of up to 312,500,000 ROOT rewards in the first season of The Third Kingdom!

Since Prysms are consumable items, once used in-game, they become untradeable but the associated FutureScore will be permanently retained. The Root Network has brought to you the FutureQuest program – a powerful ecosystem where you can earn ROOT rewards. 

If you want to earn these rewards, you need to make an account and connect your wallet to FuturePass – your passport through the open metaverse. FuturePass is a secure and powerful smart wallet that also stores your collectibles, tokens, and memberships, manages permissions, offers access for FutureScore Quests, and builds status and rewards.

Prysms Info

Stay tuned for more news and updates!