The Third Kingdom

The Third Kingdom Begins

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The Story

A cataclysmic event, The Wreck, has torn apart The Mycelium Network of The Third Kingdom, plunging countless worlds into decay. The once-majestic Great Tree is fading, casting a shadow of doom. Thingies, Seekers, and Buzzies—urgently seek valiant individuals to embark on a daring mission. Armed with Prysms, they must venture into the uncharted wilderness, aiming to restore the realm’s severed connection to the fading Great Tree.

As chaos ensues from the Mycelium Network’s disruption, mysterious UFOs invade The Third Kingdom, armed with Ooze-powered lasers and sinister plans to terraform the planet. The toxic Ooze generates a malevolent storm, saturating the atmosphere and despoiling the once-thriving land. The Third Kingdom’s denizens face a dire transformation into the dreaded walking dead, intensifying the urgency and fear in the unfolding narrative.

The Game

Prepare to enter The Third Kingdom, an upcoming strategy simulation game, powered by Futureverse in partnership with Walker World.

The Third Kingdom invites you to lay your claim to an evolving digital realm, and the abundant rewards to follow. There is up to 312,500,000 ROOT in total waiting to be unlocked in the first season of The Third Kingdom alone, with its discovery at the hands of players.

You’ll begin with a plot of land known as SurrealScapes and use Prysms, land-harvesting devices, to develop your land, manage valuable resources like Mycelium, refine materials, discover new islands and create a production empire. The game combines strategic resource management with satisfying progression mechanics to keep players engaged and constantly striving for the next level of development.

SurrealScapes: Land in The Third Kingdom

SurrealScapes are a collection of land plots in The Third Kingdom, essential for accessing the game’s harvesting experience.

Each SurrealScape is comprised of 1, 4, 9 or 16 land parcels. Rich with resources, each SurrealScape you own can be farmed using Prysms, harvesting devices that source and extract valuable in-game resources. Plant up to 3 Prysms on each land parcel to maximize your resource-harvesting potential.

Ready to stake your claim to the kingdom? SurrealScapes in Season 1 of The Third Kingdom will be exclusively gifted to eligible holders within the following collections: FLUF World BurrowsFLUF World Scenes & Sounds: Mystic ValleyFLUF World Scenes & Sounds: Dancing in the ShroomlightWalker World: Genesis WalkersWalker World: WomenWalker World: The Lost Walkers, Walker World Squads, Walker World Mutants, and Cool CatsDoodlesDeadfellaz, and Pudgy Penguins collections will be added to the list of collections eligible for SurrealScapes soon. The snapshots have now been taken.

SurrealScapes will be gifted to eligible holders on release and tradable on MARK. Community Land will also be open in-game, allowing all holders of Prysms to participate in the harvesting experience (see Community Land below).

For Burrows holders, the FLUF World Scenes you hold in your wallet matter, and have made an impact on the SurrealScapes you will receive. In addition, your Burrows metaspace has been upgraded and will be featured as a premium and customizable environment in an upcoming Readyverse experience. Stay tuned!

Prysms: Your Keys To The Kingdom

Prysms are your key to accessing The Third Kingdom game, and unearthing the treasures within SurrealScapes.

Prysms will be available exclusively through an upcoming price discovery event, open to all, featuring a novel protocol developed by Ottó Blockchain and powered by The Root Network. Participants will be invited to purchase premium Prysms with ROOT in this sale. More details of the sale will be released soon.

Each Prysm purchased in this sale will be premium, boasting superior trait advantages in The Third Kingdom game. The total supply of these Prysms in Season 1 of The Third Kingdom is 135,000, with fewer premium Prysms in existence than can be placed on land slots in the SurrealScapes collection. The price discovery event is not to be missed.

Prysms feature a prefix and suffix trait, mapping each to an in-game biome and industry. Planting these against your land parcels will begin a unique and strategic harvesting experience, shaped by the number of Prysms you are using, the traits they possess, and their synergy between the land and resources contained within.

Whether you own SurrealScapes or not, Prysms are a must-have collectible, providing access to The Third Kingdom game and ongoing rewards. Ready to secure yours?

Community Land

While SurrealScapes holders enjoy a significant advantage and greater rewards in The Third Kingdom game, those without will be able to participate by planting Prysms on Community Land.

Community Land in The Third Kingdom game is a shared space, through which eager harvesters without a SurrealScape in their wallet can participate in gameplay for a chance of ROOT rewards. Secure Prysms to unlock access to the experience.

Futureverse Rewards

Both SurrealScapes and Prysms will contribute to a player’s FutureScore. While Prysms are consumable items that become untradeable once used in-game, the associated FutureScore will be permanently retained. This score is a reflection of your active role in our ecosystem and is your key to earning ROOT through the FutureQuest program, designed to test The Root Network that powers The Third Kingdom.

In addition, there will be a FutureQuest and Engagement Score bonuses for participating in the Prysm sale. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming quest for the Prysms release. If you don’t already have a FuturePass, set one up to prepare for your FutureScore today!

The Open Metaverse

At Futureverse, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. The Third Kingdom is no different. Your beloved collectibles, such as Seekers, Buzzies, Thingies, Brains, Walkers, Flufs, Party Bears, and more, will soon bring their unique influence to the gameplay experience. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the role these collections will play in The Third Kingdom.

The Third Kingdom will be setting the stage to release the Material World protocol, a game catalogue protocol designed and developed by Futureverse. The Material World API system enables users to collect, refine, craft and distribute in-game resources and offers creators the opportunity to access and share the thriving interoperable economy in game experiences, driving value back to its players.

Your Kingdom Awaits

The Third Kingdom is an exciting new gateway to interactivity, interoperability, and a rewards-harvesting journey like no other. To secure your place in the kingdom, don’t miss our upcoming Prysm sale, or the opportunity to acquire SurrealScapes and Prysms on secondary marketplaces following the release of both collections.

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We’ll see you in the kingdom.