The Lost Walkers Collection

In just two days The Lost Walkers collection will finally come out. Check back here at the Walker World blog where you’ll be able to learn everything about it. We’ll talk about lore, traits & rarities, earning Ooze and how to mint this exclusive collection available only to stakers!


As some of you may already know from the lore by now, it was December 6th 2021 when 3455 Walkers were abducted by aliens and taken to an alien mothership. In Walker World their disappearance remained a mystery. Walkers on the spaceship realized that they had two choices – fight back or form an alliance with the aliens. Soon they were divided into two rival camps.

So, The Lost Walkers Collection features Walkers from two divisions:

  • The Allies
  • The Resistance

The Allied Walkers were exposed to alien’s mind tricks and they developed a strong Stockholm-syndrome. They got treated “well” but they were also subjected to alien experiments.

The Walkers in the Resistance refused to submit to the alien demands and they decided to fight back. Battling a guerilla war on the aliens’ home turf was tough and that made some of the toughest surviving OG’s that ever lived.

On this spaceship there were two brothers who ended up on opposite sides. Despite the differences in their views, they still swore to protect each other and to bring the other Walkers back home.

The brother who bonded with the aliens – Cliff, had access to walk freely on the ship. One day he found an abandoned room and something that looked like an old portal. The portal was turned off and Cliff asked his brother Gene to figure out how to turn it on, because he was the brainy one. Gene worked hard on fixing the portal and days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months into years.

One day Cliff accidentally found the missing part and the portal finally worked. Through the portal they saw an unknown Walker. They asked the stranger if aliens were still abducting people. The stranger said he signed up voluntarily via “The Staking Program” because they got  rewarded in the Ooze. And with that Ooze he said he could trade to get The Lost Walkers free.  

You can read more about the Staking Program below.



We wanted to level up your staking experience, that’s why we created the new hub. 

  • Area 6545 is offering amazing features, such as fully gasless staking and an improved UI. 
  • Ooze is your currency for buying items from the hub and it can be earned by staking your NFTs. 
  • In Area 6545, you can see the amount of Ooze you can earn daily, and how much is pending.
  • With the new improved UI, you will be able to organize your NFTs better and also make it more personalized. 
  • You can rename and customize all your assets to truly make them your own and unique.
  • The Lost Walkers Collection is only available for stakers. 
  • When you stake, you are able to earn Ooze every 24 hours and then with that Ooze purchase items from Area 6545.


In the Lost Walkers Collection you will have the opportunity to own the Allied Walkers and the Resistance Walkers.

The two divisions are separated by the Upper-body-trait of your Lost Walker. If you get any of the 18 upper body traits or patterns above you will either get an Allied or a Resisting Walker. 

Of course there’s also the Walkers who didn’t take sides with any of the two divisions in the conflict and just went their own way, like the Mankinis, Team Zombies and the Foil Hats.

The rarity of the traits in The Lost Walkers collection is born out of the metadata from the Genesis Walkers collection but have been largely replaced with new traits more in line with the lore. Even though this is a totally new collection of its own, we have replaced all the most rare Genesis traits with new ones.


In Area 6545, you can see all available NFTs and you can see how much Ooze you currently have. You can also see exactly how long you have until your next reward drop. The rewards in the store will continually change and they contain our NFTs and those from our partners.

Lost Walkers Collection is only available to stakers. In Area 6545 you are able to earn the Ooze every 24 hours and that Ooze can then be used to purchase items in our Area 6545. We are planning the Lost Walkers Collection for the long run, meaning – if you have available Ooze to mint now, you can already mint your Lost Walker on the 6th of December and await reveal on the 20th of December. However, if you are still missing Ooze, or never staked before, start staking now and earn your Ooze to mint a Lost Walker in the future. The mint will be available until the full 3455 Lost Walkers are found by their new owners!

  • The cost to mint a Lost Walker will be 500,000 Ooze.
  • A Maximum of 3 Lost Walkers can be minted per wallet per month (this is subject to change in the future).
  • Reveal of the NFTs is scheduled 14 days after the mint, on 20th of December.
  • Every wallet holding at least 1 staked asset will have 1 Lost Walker reserved for 24 months from the initiation date. If the reserved Lost Walker is not minted within the 24-month period, it will return to the general pool, available for anyone with Ooze to claim. A snapshot has been taken

The Lost Walkers will have powerful future utility so make sure to hold tight to your LWs! All Lost Walkers will also be playable in-game.

Let us know what you think about Lost Walkers and follow us for more awesome news!