All You Need To Know: Walker World And Partners


  • What is the difference between Walker World and Walker Labs? 

Walker World is a set of digital collectibles. Our goal is to give owners an open experience where Walker avatars and Collections can easily integrate in multiple experiences and the ever expanding Web3 world. 

Walker Labs is an independent, venture-backed video game and next-gen web technology developer. Our strategy is to combine AAA experienced veterans from DICE, Epic Games, Microsoft, Mojang, Ubisoft, Remedy, Sony and EA – with best in class Web Tech developers, to create never-seen-before experiences in gaming and digital social spaces. Walker Labs are official developers of OPEN, the first genre-defining AAA metaverse gaming experience. The same team behind Walker Labs has previously created the Walker World collection. 

  • What is Walker World now?

We have a set of collections which you can check out here: which will have utility in different games and experiences we create and partner up with. The collections will also bring partner rewards in the future. We will reveal more about specifics over time. 

  • How is Walker Labs connected to Walker World?

Much of the current Walker Labs team is the same team behind Walker World collections. Walker Labs has refocused their vision on developing the game OPEN. Walker World has its own core team focused on collections, partnerships, utility and marketing. We are continuously working on expanding the brand and the team through upcoming experiences.

  • Are Walker World visuals (monthly videos, in game content, etc.) still going to happen? Where? 

The previously unveiled in-game visuals for the Walker World game will not materialize as initially intended in the Walker World game. We intend to create distinct Walker World experiences in the future and further develop the Walker World lore. Even if we’re not developing the World exactly like we originally envisioned, the Walker World story will continue to develop, including inside of OPEN. We will continuously reveal more and more about what we have planned for OPEN, so keep looking for those Easter eggs! 👀

  • What are the next steps for Walker World NFTs? 

The collections will have utility in OPEN and different partner games, reward programmes and questing programmes. They will also have utility in experiences developed by Walker World and Walker Labs teams.

  • Will Walker World have their own sphere in OPEN? 

Yes, this is the goal. How this specifically will work will be revealed at a later stage by OPEN accounts. You can follow OPEN here:

  • Will there be a token for Walker World in the future?

As we’ve addressed a few times, we unfortunately can’t comment anything about tokens.

  • Do Lost Walkers have utility and where would they have utility? 

Lost Walkers, like all the other WW collections will have utility in OPEN and partner projects as well as the future Walker World activations.

  • What are Squad benefits for Walker World owners? 

Squads will have value for future seasons of The Third Kingdom as well as future activations for the Walker World brand.

  • Do you have a whitepaper to share?

We currently do not have a whitepaper. We believe that games should be discovered through play rather than read about. 

  • Can I transfer Ooze to different wallets?

No, you can’t transfer Ooze from wallet to wallet. Currently the only thing you can do is transfer Walker World assets without unstaking them by sending the Walker World asset including the Ooze to another wallet. We are working on other solutions that will allow you to transfer Ooze in the future.

  • What is the utility of Death tattoos?

Death tattoos are one of the traits from our Walker Women collection. There are only 40 of them. If you hold a Walker Woman with this specific death tattoo you will receive a Special Hover Car. Further lore around this death tattoo might come later.

  • When are Hovercars expected to come out?

The plan is to launch our Vehicles collections in Q4 2024. All of these vehicles are hover vehicles. 

  • Will Walker World assets have Futurescore integration?

Keep an eye on our socials 👀


  • What is The Third Kingdom? 

The Third Kingdom is an upcoming strategy simulation game, powered by Futureverse and co-developed Walker Labs. Walker World is one of the main partners and collections of The Third Kingdom Season 1. Read more about the game here:

  • Who is the developer of The Third Kingdom? 

Walker World and Futureverse are the developers of The Third Kingdom. Find out more about the game and utility here: You may see resemblance between The Third Kingdom and the Walker World aesthetics, we have collaborated with Futureverse team to bring a part of the assets and environments we developed into The Third Kingdom game. 

  • Why is The Third Kingdom promoted by Walker World? 

The Third Kingdom game is created through a collaboration between Futureverse and Walker World. Walker World collection will have utility in the game. Walker World asset collectors have already been rewarded through The Third Kingdom ecosystem with the airdrop of SurrealScapes (land). There will be more rewards for Walker World owners in the future including  up to 312,500,000 ROOT in total waiting to be unlocked in the first season of The Third Kingdom alone, with its discovery at the hands of players.

  • Does Land exist in The Third Kingdom?

Yes, the Land in The Third Kingdom is called SurrealScapes. For Walker World Community, the land that was previously bought from Ooze and won from giveaways were SurrealScapes. Read more about SurrealScapes here:

  • Will Walker World have community land in The Third Kingdom?

Community Land will exist in The Third Kingdom, to find out more about the mechanics of it, stay tuned to the Fluf World X account where all communication about TTK takes place: 

  • Do you have a whitepaper to share?

At present, there is no whitepaper for the TTK we believe that games should be discovered by playing them rather than reading about them. You can read the “About” and “FAQ” sections here for all available information:

You can also check out the vision paper for The Material World here: The Material World is a data layer set to enable users to collect, refine, craft, trade and distribute items and materials, offering developers the opportunity to integrate a validated economic catalogue into their game systems, that include both creator and user-defined standards. The Third Kingdom will set the stage to test the concepts of The Material World alongside the community.

  • Will there be any Walker World assets in The Third Kingdom?

Yes. You can read about all the collections that will be integrated in the Season 1 of The Third Kingdom here:

  • Will there be utility for Walker World assets in The Third Kingdom?

The Third Kingdom has a lot of content around Walker World lore. You will see a lot of Walker World in there. Walker World holders received free SurrealScapes. Furthermore we know that in  The Third Kingdom you will be able to ‘recruit Walkers’, although it’s not announced yet what this means.

  • Why haven’t we seen any gameplay from The Third Kingdom? 

Game is still under development. The Fluf World and Futureverse team will reveal more in the future.


  • What is OPEN? 

OPEN is a multi-biome, multi-IP, multi-mode battle royale competition game, in development for PC and next-gen platforms. OPEN will be an open metaverse with multiple biomes. Read more about it here: experience is inspired by the foundational concepts of Ready Player One in collaboration with Ernest Cline.

  • What is The Readyverse? 

The Readyverse is a next-gen immersive platform for interoperable metaverse games and experiences. The Readyverse is the publisher of OPEN, a Web3-based metaverse battle royale game powered by Unreal Engine.

  • How is Readyverse connected to Walker Labs?

OPEN is being built through a joint venture between Walker Labs and Readyverse Studios. Readyverse Studios is the publisher and Walker Labs is the developer. 

  • Will there be a token for OPEN?

We unfortunately can’t comment anything about tokens.

  • Do you have a whitepaper to share for OPEN?

OPEN has not released a whitepaper as a game we want the player experience of discovery to at the forefront of the user experience. 

  • Will OPEN have Land? 

Once we have more information about OPEN and Land and how it impacts the Walker World community, we will update you.

  • How much was raised in the investment round and who were the investors for OPEN? 

We can’t comment on that at the time, but we will release more information about this soon.

  • Is there a roadmap for the rest of 2024?

We are working internally on a content release calendar for 2024. It includes trailers, dev diaries, concept art and more. Follow OPEN on X to see more upcoming content and exciting releases.

  • What is the predicted size of the team building OPEN for the next 6-12 months?

We are looking at 50-60 people approximately working on the project in the next 12 months.