Area 6545 – Patch Notes

With the new Lost Walkers Collection around the corner, we thought to take this opportunity and do a walk through of our new hub, Area 6545, and its functionalities. Our team has been working hard in order to deliver the new hub. We wanted to give you better options for staking and make the minting experience better and more fun.  

We’ve heard your feedback and we have decided to make things simpler and more fun. So, on our new hub, you will be able to find everything in one place.

  • Staking is now fully “gasless” with an improved UI showing you exactly how long you have until your next reward drop. The rewards in the store will continually change and will be our own NFTs and NFTs from our partners. By staking you earn Ooze every 24 hours. Ooze can then be used to purchase items from our Store.
  • You can also see the amount of Ooze you already have, how much you can earn, and how much is pending. You will also be able to view all collections you own.
  • We wanted to give you more customization options and full control over your NFTs. Now, you can rename and customize your assets to truly make them your own. When you rename your Walker, the new name will also be displayed on OpenSea.
  • We have also prepared another great addition for Discord users. You will be able to download all media, including GIFs that can be used as a #PFP on Discord.

The Lost Walkers Collection is coming out on December 6th, so don’t forget to stake your NFTs. You can stake from any of our collections: Walker World: Genesis Walkers, WW Weapons, Bored Box Jetpack and the Walker World: Women. You can stake any of them and in return, you will get to earn Ooze. Then you can purchase items from the store and get the opportunity to own some of the awesome Lost Walkers.  

With features like gas-free staking, asset customization, and media downloads, this update is offering you a significant step forward. We are hoping to enhance your minting experience.

Let us know what you think. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to shape the future of Walker World. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and follow us on social media.