Walker World Partners With Overeality To Bring True Interoperability To Web3 Gaming

Originally posted on Medium on 9/2/2023


We are proud to announce a new partnership with Overeality, one of the companies leading the charge in creating the infrastructure for Web3 interoperability.

Both Walker World and Overeality are true believers in an actual Open Metaverse, which means not only cross-world/game interoperability, but also cross-chain. This partnership implements the trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructure that Overeality offers into the entire Walker World digital collections — enabling the possibility of maintaining your digital identity across Ethereum, BNB Chain and Solana. This means that our Walkers will be able to be used both in games in Walker World as well as other digital worlds and games, even if this game is on Solana or BNB Chain.

Through our partnership with Overeality we believe we are taking a huge step towards a true Open Metaverse by offering our holders the option to use our Walkers and other digital collectibles not only in Ethereum-based games, but also in experiences on the BNB Chain and Solana. By unlocking this experience for our holders we’re building upon our promise to deliver true interoperability in Web3 gaming” — says Daniel Branteström, co-founder of Walker Labs, developing a AAA-style open world adventure game and multiplayer shooter in Unreal Engine 5.

Overeality is building the infrastructure for Web3 interoperability by using advanced Zero-knowledge proof technology. By implementing zkBridge with distributed ZKP, Overeality provides trustless and efficient cross-chain solutions for on-chain token transfers, message passing, and data interoperability between various Web2 and Web3 systems. Furthermore, Overeality opens up the design spaces for Web3 through scalable Web3 middlewares such as ZK NFT containers, ZK attendance protocol, and ZK-DID.

We believe everything should be interconnected: Web2, Web3, and the Metaverse,” — says Shukyee Ma, the CMO of Overeality, “We envision that Web3 is a world for the Next Billion Users. Overeality is leading the innovation by building the infrastructure with ZKP towards the future.”

The outcome and goal is that we take a huge step towards bringing an experience-rich and limitless Web3 game and world built with Overeality’s interoperability infrastructure and by Walker Worlds’ highly experienced AAA-team designing and delivering a gaming experience unlike any other.


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We are building an industry leading Multimedia NFT brand for the Open Metaverse that focuses on Play-and-Earn Multiplayer Blockchain Gaming with integrated NFTs, digital identity, and cross-world experiences.

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Scaling Web3 interoperability with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems.

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